Colour OLED screen

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Colour OLED screen

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Looking at the Pi Hut they have a OLED Breakout Board - 16-bit Colour 1.27" screen. Full colour screen on display. Alas not sold but seem to have them on their site and at this moment out of stock.

Could this work on a MMDVM board and make the hotspot stand out more than the standard OLED? Is it compatible with the setting on the Pi star with different colours like the Anytone 878 and other newer and more modern radios?

Link to product below: ... osd-holder

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Re: Colour OLED screen

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Coding for an oled screen is taken care of by the mmdvmhost program. Mmdvmhost would need changing to give any ability to cater to a multi coloured screen. So any request for it should be asked of the Open DV team.

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Re: Colour OLED screen

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I don’t know if two colours will suffice, the small yellow and blue 0.96” OLED screens work fine with a standard MMDVM board. I recently fitted one from an eBay supplier, eBay item number 134204262304

It has the correct order of connections and spacing to fit straight onto the MMDVM board.

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