Roger beep?

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Roger beep?

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I use (amoung others) a ZumSpot on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, built together as a whole, like a hat for the Pi.

Much to my satisfaction I must say. I use DMR, DStar, and YSF mainly.

Now, on YSF there is a loud beep, at the end of each transmission, also known to me as a 'roger beep'. I usually listen out on YSF23501.
Come to think of it, it is at the beginning of the transmission.

Can this beep be switched off in one (or more) of the config files? I haven't found it yet. It is not generated anywhere else, in my opinion, I own a OpenSpot 2 as well as an OpenSpot 4 (pro), which don't have the beep. I cannot find it in my radio settings, either apart from the intended roger beep settings ofcourse, which have no influence over this beep.

Thank you, PE1GFP
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