F5UII Modem Board (STM32F466RET)

Help with other MMDVM Repeater Boards (with NO onboard RF)
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F5UII Modem Board (STM32F466RET)

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I guess this is a better spot to post this question....

Hello all

So I am using the F5UII filter board mounted to a Nucleo STM32F466RET development board. This works well with a vanilla install of the MMDMVHost code but not with the latest version installed with the latest Pi-Star. I know Pi-Star may be a version behind as read in another post but at this point, being a few years after that post I read, has MMDMVHost been updated to utilize this board or any other newer type modems yet and if so, what type of interface should I choose in Pi-Star's configuration?

Again, it works out of the pocket with a dedicated MMDMVHost install. I would just like to take advantage of Pi-Stars Dashboard and other features.


Las Vegas, NV.
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