RELEASE Pi-Star 4.1.7 - It's a minor one...

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RELEASE Pi-Star 4.1.7 - It's a minor one...

Post by MW0MWZ »

4.1.7 hit the update system, and a new build is available on the downloads page; this is an utterly minor change to update some apt repo keys to get system updates going again, and a nag message on the config page to remind you to update.

Quickest method is update/upgrade from the dashboard (upgrade is in the expert section), that will get everything ready, then run

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sudo pistar-update
from the command line and it will get *ALL* (there are a fare few) updates for the OS done.

No this does not bring Bookworm to the party, that will need full new images, and I want to change the way images are built for that.
I am working on that (technically it already works.... but more on that when it's closer to usable) so Bookworm will be coming soon (er... ish).

73 de MW0MWZ
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