RepeaterBuilder v4 PTT not working

Help with other MMDVM Repeater Boards (with NO onboard RF)
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RepeaterBuilder v4 PTT not working

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I have a new v4 Pi-Hat board and trying to get the MMDVMcal working. I have it connected to a VXR9000 repeater in mixed mode. I can hear DMR audio on the TX audio output of the DB9 connector. But the PTT output LED or pin voltage does not toggle.

1. run sudo pistar-mmdvmcal
2. toggled TX/RX with spacebar. No PTT LED. Can hear audio directly on the DB9 output pin.
3. Tried inverting PTT polarity. No PTT LED.
4. Updated firmware from ... dvm_f4.hex
5. No PTT LED toggling in mmdvmcal.

Using Pi-Star 4.1.7 (also tried WPSD with similar results)
Modem type set to STM32-DVM / MMDVM_HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO)

This is a new board received a couple weeks ago and have never had it on the air.

Can anyone confirm the Modem type is properly selected?

Did i update with the wrong firmware to cause other issues?

Any thoughts?

Scott, KX9RT
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Re: RepeaterBuilder v4 PTT not working

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If ur running f/w 1.6.1 on the board we're not quite ready to support that yet. Its in the works but we'll need to make changes to support the higher data rates of that firmware.

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Andrew M1DNS.
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