Not Enough Space in /run/systemd

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Not Enough Space in /run/systemd

Post by VA7TLS »

This error cropped up 2 days ago.

The Pi boots fine and the OS is available but the LCD on my MMDVM board is black and I cannot make DMR conversations.

The message received after it told me of the update to 4.1.8 was that /run/systemd was not big enough so the daemon did not start.

How do I fix this issue?
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Re: Not Enough Space in /run/systemd

Post by DW7GDL »

/run is in memory (RAM) so if simply powering off, waiting a few minutes, and powering it back on to flush the RAM doesn't resolve it you would need a Pi with more memory than whatever yours has. Or if you're using the same Pi for other things besides being a hotspot, don't.
73 de Jay DW7GDL
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Re: Not Enough Space in /run/systemd

Post by MW0MWZ »

Early builds of 4.2.0 had a problem that would exhaust the tmpfs filesystems, make sure you are on a later build (if using 4.2.0), release version does not have this issue (and updates do not fix it).

If this is 4.1.x or a current build of 4.2.0 - please make sure you dont have loads of debug logging enabled that is filling your /var/log/ volume.

73 de MW0MWZ
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