Manage default DGID from web gui

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Manage default DGID from web gui

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Hi Andy,
It is useful to be able to enter the default/connection DGID directly in the web gui, in the section relating to the YSF protocol.
This capability is extremely useful when used with "multi stream/data" reflector systems such as YCS and pYSF3.
You just need to manage the "Options=" key (in the Network section) by adding (or omitting) the DGID value, followed by the comma.
By doing so, when the repeater/hotspot starts, the reflector will match it to the correct stream.
In the classic "single stream" reflector, it is simply ignored.

Thank you.
David IK5XMK
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Re: Manage default DGID from web gui

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It would be a good idea to be able to add this option for everyone without having to add it manually and be managed directly from the panel. Nowadays many YSF reflectors are multistreaming and use DG-IDs for management. Furthermore, for radio links it is a sort of back to home on these. reflectors which can thus be managed independently.

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