WiFi connections failing- Interface is down. Please Help

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WiFi connections failing- Interface is down. Please Help

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Pi-Star Wi-Fi connection to the internet not working.

Device- Raspberry Pi zero W.

Downloads used to attempt connection RPi_V4.2.1_17-Feb-2024.zip & RPi_V4.1.8_16-Feb-2024.zip.

Error- Interface is down.

Methods attempted to connect- GUI interface from the IP address, being broadcast from the local Wi-Fi of the Pi device to a Desktop PC running Windows 10 Pro with both a Firefox and MS Edge as the Browser being used to eliminate a browser issue. And a Laptop PC running Windows 7 Pro and again both Browsers being used. There were no other wifi connections running on these machines when local IP connections were made from the Pi-Star device. I also created a wpa_supplicant.conf This file is written to the root directory on the 32-bit micro card Containing the OS for Pi-Star. The file was checked for spelling errors on fields needed from the WiFi router as to the name “SSID” and password ”PSK”. No special charters or spaces in these names. Connection to the router was checked through a direct screen interface connected to the pi-star device via a c type connector by using the Linux based command “ip a” and “iwconfig”. Angary IP Scanner was used on the windows machine as well in all tests. Logging into to the admin page of the wifi router and going to connected devices which show the MAC address and IP of device also showed NO Pi-Star device.

The Wifi Connections attempted. --A HughesNet WiFi and a cell phone hot spot were both attempted via the methods described above. The Phone was from the Verizon phone service. The settings for the HughesNet were WPA Mode WPA/WPA2, other settings were also changed and tested. The security setting was set as WPA-Personal. Other settings were tried as well. The WAN was DHCP. All were at 2g, NOT 5g as advised.at one time a flash of green connection was seen but never occurred again. Interface is down continuing in red font.

If there is a bad circuit on the physical device, why will it run the scan and show active WiFi connections but not connect? Why did it once show a connection for a couple of seconds but then drop it and never show it again? Why did the wpa_supplicant.conf file also fail connection? Even when Auto AP was set to Off there were no connections.

That sums up 3 days of trying to connect to a WiFi.

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