Dashboard/configuration inaccessible in certain situations

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Re: Dashboard/configuration inaccessible in certain situations

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Since you are relying so much on public WiFi access points, I can see three options:
  • Get a cell phone with decent data plan and Access Point (wireless tethering), and configure the RPi-Z to connect to it instead (I would suggest, before going this route, getting a phone dealer to demo one in AP mode, to ensure you can access local clients -- ie; computer to Rpi). This option bypasses the entire public WiFi system. On second thought -- as long as the AP mode works, you could force the RPi into AP mode by turning off the phone WiFi AP... Just never configure the RPi for a public WiFi.
  • Replace the RPi-Z with an RPi-3B, and then use a CAT-5 cable to physically connect to RPi. Might need to have the computer running a DHCPd; might need a small (4-port) network switch between the computer and RPi.
  • Configure your computer to permit mounting the SD card from the RPi (this may need something like running Linux natively or via a virtual machine; Windows can not mount EXTx partitions). This option would allow you to hand edit the file containing the "known AP" to force the RPI into setup mode.

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