Zumspot stopped working

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Zumspot stopped working

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Have been running my Zumspot (on pi-zero) for a year, last months with pistar v4rc2.
I discovered that it had dropped wifi, which is seen before. Usually I just power it off/on and it works again. Didn't work this time.
Took out the SD card and copied a new wifi config file to the card, and now the Zumspot will not display anything. The PI boots as it get's an ipaddress and I can ping it. This is tested both with a raspbian lite, pistar latest v3 and v4rc4. On the Zumspot I only have green light in the pwr, and the svc is flashing red.

Any suggestion to what goes wrong here?

br Lars
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Re: Zumspot stopped working

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I have the same issue. Help
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Re: Zumspot stopped working

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Guessing here, but the WiFi is handled by the RPi and data received is passed through to the radio/modem board via the GPIO headers, so ... make sure all the GPIO header joints look good and that the ZUMspot is correctly and well seated on the header. If possible, test with a different RPi. Since the RPi is the least expensive component, maybe even pick up another one for testing. Also make sure the power supply is good and adequate (2.5A).
73, Toshen, KE0FHS
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