Linux Reflector Installer Files

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Linux Reflector Installer Files

Post by n5amd » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:43 pm

Hey all,

This post will be for those looking to put their own server up and geek out on the backend of it all diving into Linux and Networking. Pi-Star is such a wonderful piece of software and wraps all the MMDVM components very well!! We are finally at a point where some basic Linux and Networking skills can get a whole digital voice ecosystem built with little to no headache. I personally am excited as an IT person, these are the days where ham radio and computers are slowly becoming one, especially with IQ around the corner. Computers speak 1's and 0's and now, so do our radios. Pi-Star mixed with the Hosts files creates for a powerful combination for admins wanting to build a digital voice network, offline or backup reflectors, and digital voice cross modes. The power of Open Source and the community behind it is most certainly helping the amateur radio hobby. Calling all coders and scripters, the doors are wide open!!

I noticed there was no installer script or anything made yet to help with the ease of install for XLX, YSF and other reflector server software. So I made some. I work with Linux as a career and to have the opportunity to merge ham radio and Linux is a dream come true. I wanted to help the community and learn some things along the way. I hope these scripts are at least convenient if not helpful. If you have access to a virtual machine or cloud server to quickly spin up and down, give these scripts a shot and play around with them. There is a lot of work to be done on them, but this is only the beginning..

The script is very much currently a proof of concept and gets you about 90% of the way to have everything fully installed and configured. The concept is, This will build you a 3 mode ham radio digital voice reflector server that will transcode Yaesu Fusion, DMR, and D-Star with the help of AMBED and AMBE vocoder chips. I did not build each application. This script simply goes through the install steps for each application for you and configures apache for the dashboards.

AMBED installer:
This is a simple install script to install AMBED, a piece of software that when combined with hardware AMBE vocoder chips and another piece of software, XLXD, can transcode digital voice modes. This script simply runs through the official install instructions found on LX3JL GitHub page.

XLXD installer:
This script simply runs through the official install instructions. It will install your own D-Star XRF/XLX reflector along with setting up the web dashboards to view real-time activity. It can be used to install a private or a public XRF Reflector online or offline.

YSFReflector installer:
This is a simple script to install YSFReflector. This script essentially runs through the official steps found at: for your convenience. All you need to provide before hand is have a Debian 9.x server ready and updated.

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