DVMega/Pi3 tweaking optimal performance?

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DVMega/Pi3 tweaking optimal performance?

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I have a DVMega dual band that I've just gotten set up. I am using it with DMR, DStar, and YSF modes all enabled. I understand there are certain things that can be adjusted and tweaked to help with performance, but I'm unsure what and don't want to change anything unless I'll see a benefit from it.

On DMR, I'm seeing about 1% packet loss on the dashboard, and my audio sounds okay from the Parrot test. Sometimes it's a little more, but generally under 2%. Something I'm experiencing is that sometimes when I key up on DMR, the dashboard isn't showing me that the DVMega is picking it up. It just says "Listening". Sometimes it will pick up DMR and show that as "receiving DMR" or whatever. I do have the Timeslot set correctly.

DStar seems to work well - better than DMR it appears.

I haven't tried YSF yet, but I remember with my JumboSpot hotspots I always had trouble with sending WiresX commands. I could send the command from my HT, but the hotspot wouldn't respond. I don't know if the DVMega will act like this or not as I haven't tried it yet.

In the "Expert Config" section, I see a lot of things like "TX Level", "RX level", the "TX Offset", "RX Offset", etc. Would tweaking any of this stuff help me, or should I leave it alone for the most part?

Any tips/tricks that ya'll can pass along - I would greatly appreciate.
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Re: DVMega/Pi3 tweaking optimal performance?

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Same configuration (no YSF here).

It often seems to take two PTTs for DMR to be recognized if the previous mode had been something else.

Dennis L Bieber
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