BM Manager - reset

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BM Manager - reset

Post by VK2FMET » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:05 am

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Hi - I've installed the BM Manager
But I've tried all the options with no luck
I'm trying to reset (disengage from TG91) with no luck.
When a QSO is going on it's sometimes near impossible to get a PC to 4000 inserted between overs. With Selfcare you can select and remove TG91 but it pops straight back with the next over.
With every option in the manager I have tried, same result.
Is there a way to drop TG91 in this manager while a QSO is ongoing?

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Re: BM Manager - reset

Post by AF6VN » Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:38 pm

Not easily -- for Brandmeister hotspots (not repeaters), the last used (Tx from you) talk group gets flagged as a pseudo-static group; it doesn't time out, and likely is not removed by the "drop all dynamic".

You probably have to activate the "drop" commands, and hope to PTT on a different talk group before any traffic comes in again.

Dennis L Bieber

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