Thermal runaway/process overload

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Re: Thermal runaway/process overload

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K9DJN wrote: Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:49 am Final post on this will be the screenshot of the YSF Gateway program eating 101% of the CPU. There is clearly something wrong with this process if left running for a long time. Even a solid reboot won't fix it. Only a shutdown for several hours seems to clear it up.
It is not using 101% of the RPi CPU. Its 100% of one CPU, and 1% of another CPU, theres still 2 more CPU's that can be used. So really its 100% of 1/4 of the RPI CPU and 1% of another 1/4 of the CPU. You can confirm this by looking at line 3 where its shows total CPU usage %Cpu(s): 27.1%

If it was using 100% of the CPU's available it'd be showing 400% in the %CPU column in top. (100% * 4 ) It'd also start acting really laggy and unresponsive. You can change it to display overall CPU usage by hitting shift i while in top.

You should investigate the ysfgateway logs to see if it displays anything useful.

Its also very suspicious that you say a reboot does not immediately resolve the issue, it should completely reload a process from scratch. That makes me wonder if its something temperature related and maybe theres something wrong with your RPi, do you have another one that you could swap out and try?
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