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Re: New releases

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Yes, I meant Andy, got confused but thank you to you too.

I hope Andy will look at some of comments on how we might improve Pi-Star, one bug is absolute that I mentioned regarding showing the WiFi name on the configuration status section.

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Re: New releases

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n3gwg wrote: Sun Feb 25, 2024 8:36 pm 1) No video during boot process or after booting up on video display connected to Pi Zero WH v2
2) Pi-Star AP was inaccessible initially
3) Using full capacity of the MicroSD Card
4) I had some trouble getting the ZUMspot to hear my radio.
5) Supported boards - Pi Zero WH v1 is 32 bit only though Pi Zero WH v2 is 64 bit
6) I recently purchased a DV Mega USB stick, does Pi-Star support that device?
1) I *do* get video out of mine, I'll re-check but I don't recall having any issues with this on any Raspberry Pi hardware.
2) JP should give you more available channels than any other region (this is why its the out of box default) and the AP always starts on 2.4GHz / CH6 (if I remember right).
3) Already fixed, I need to re-spin the download image.
4) New firmware may be required indeed, but it's already on the Pi and ready to be deployed.
5) Yes, 32/64bit boards are supported and will remain so.
6) depends on what stick it is, transcode only, then no, if it has RF, I don't see why not.

73 de MW0MWZ
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Re: New releases

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n3gwg I feel your pain... I too have found him to be arrogant, and abrasive.... that being said, you can just do what i did... fork his code, and implement the bug fixes you addressed yourself.... Its on him if he's too full of himself to accept bugfixes to the upstream branch. I really don't care if he does or not... if i fix a bug on my system, it works for me.
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