DMRGateway location= parameter

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DMRGateway location= parameter

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I cannot find any logical explanation either here or at Amateur Radio Notes.
I see a Location= clause in numerous places.
Sometimes I see Location=1,
sometimes Location=0
and sometimes Location="My Town, gridsquare"

I think it behaves as a boolean (0/1) but also as a descriptor which gets retrieved by some networks into their location slot.
But I can see my preferred locator in say VKDMRHotSpots IPSC2 server INFO column. I also see it placed into Brandmeister location/City field, also in the TGIF Location field
But I cannot put anything in the IPSC2_QUADNET server INFO column. it just shows my callsign.

So does anyone have a reference as to how this parameter is used, when it is a boolean and when it is a descriptor etc?
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