Problems talking to YSF when connected on 4G

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Problems talking to YSF when connected on 4G

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Hi All
I’m on holiday in ZL-land and I brought my zumspot with me. It’s connected to the hotspot on my iPhone.
The dashboard shows green besides YSF, YSFNet, MMDVMHOST, YSFgateway and YSFParrot. When I press PTT on my FT-5D and check the CQ-UK-C4FM dashboard, it shows me in the MHeard. But, I can neither send or receive. Live Logs shows my transmissions being received OK, but nothing from the internet.

There’s nothing showing up in the MHeard on my dashboard apart from me, even though I can see from CQ-UK-C4FM that stations are talking. I also can’t communicate to Parrot when I change reflectors.

I’ve tried with the iPhone just connected to the local 4G service, and through a VPN connection back to London.

I’m stumped.
73, Gareth - M5KVK
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