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PassAllTG & PassAllPC

Post by VK7HSE » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:35 am

When using pi-star as a repeater (mmdvm duplex hat) I'm trying to set it up so that brandmeister is dedicated to TS1 and DMR+ and XLX are dedicated to TS2.

When you take a look at /etc/dmrgateway there's a line for PassAllPC=2 & PassAllTG=2. My understanding is that this restricts the use of TS1 so that only TS2 traffic will be allowed to pass.

So if I add the lines to the dmrgateway to include

PassAllTG=2 (<- Default)
PassAllPC=2 (<- Default)

This allows TS1 & TS2 to work just how I want, but when the daily cron updates run the added lines (PassAllTG=1/PassAllPC=1) are removed from the dmrgateway config.

So my question is, how do I get that setting to remain static so it's not overwritten with the daily updates? For now I've just made the file read only (chmod 444 dmrgateway) however this is not an ideal solution because I have to re-enable rw to the file for any changes that might need to happen sometime in the future (like if I want to change the dmr/dmr+/xlx servers)

I tried to use the dashboard config for dmr, and in the box for PassAllPC & PassAllTG I put in 1,2 but that didn't seem to work.

Am I going about it wrong? Can both PassAllPC & PassAllTG have multiple options within the one field? Because at the moment without duplicating what's there TS1 doesn't go anywhere only TS2

Any assistance you have would be greatly appreciated...

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