Some text may hang the pistar when transmitting POCSAG

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Some text may hang the pistar when transmitting POCSAG

Post by 9w2lwk » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:41 am

I encounter something which, the pistar will hang when sending certain strings
below are the string that send via POCSAG

export LANG=C.UTF-8
METRIC=1 # 0 for F, 1 for C

result1=`curl -s ... e\=${PLACE} | sed -n '/Currently:/ s/.*: \(.*\): \([0-9]*\)\([CF]\).*/\2°\3, \L\1/p'`
result2=`echo ${result1} | sed 's/\xB0/ degree /g' `
result=`echo ${result2} | sed 's/[^[:print:]\t]//g' `

PLACE=`echo ${PLACE} | sed 's/\+/ /g' `
if [[ ${result} =~ .*thunderstorms.* ]]
word="${PLACE}, ${result}, please bring umbrella"
echo $word
/usr/local/sbin/pistar-dapnetapi ${CALLSIGN} '${word}' debug
elif [[ ${result} =~ .*showers.* ]]
word="${PLACE}, ${result}, please bring raincoat"
echo $word
/usr/local/sbin/pistar-dapnetapi ${CALLSIGN} '${word}' debug
word="${PLACE}, ${result}, have a nice day"
echo $word
/usr/local/sbin/pistar-dapnetapi ${CALLSIGN} '${word}' debug
the MMDVM still alive, u still can ssh into it, but the MMDVM service is eventually hang. i need to power of and on it back again

but when u use other "PLACE=Kuala+Lumpur" for instance, the POCSAG go through... i wonder what's going on?

it confirm will hang on "PLACE=Dudinka" , "PLACE=Oslo", "PLACE=Moscow" and "PLACE=Sydney"

anyone wanna try on their pistar?

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Re: Some text may hang the pistar when transmitting POCSAG

Post by M0GLJ » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:55 am

your problem will likely have something to do with getting the data you are requesting from the server. Check the information that your are trying to request. If you get not errors with the request then you are good to go

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