NXDN conflicts with YSF on Pistar

Help with NXDN issues
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NXDN conflicts with YSF on Pistar

Post by N9UMJ » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:25 pm

This is an ongoing issue experienced I've had on all Versions of Pi-Star to V4.1.0-RC7,

I'm running a Zumboard on V1.0 on a raspberry Pi 3 B+ and have had the same issue with YSF in use, switching to NXDN.
I experience it on a DR1X on a Kenwood TRK-750 and on Tait 8100 homebrew repeater.

It doesn't have this issue when other modes are combined only when YSF and NXDN are active. I've had other mmdvm repeaters in my area turn on these combinations and they experience the same thing.
Is there a setting in Pistar that needs to be changed to stop this issue??

Thanks Rick N9UMJ

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