How I can change the SSH and WEB Ports?

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How I can change the SSH and WEB Ports?

Post by iz1xbb »

Dear all,

Sorry for the trouble, but I really need your help.

I need to change the SSH and WEB ports of my pi-star, having two repeaters installed under the same static IP (internet connection).

Unfortunately I'm a newbie to linux and I don't know all the logic to be able to be autonomous.

Is there any willing and patient OM among you who can write me all the terminal commands to be able to perform this procedure successfully?

I thank you for your patience and your help.


Pier Paolo
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Re: How I can change the SSH and WEB Ports?

Post by M1DNS »

Im fairly sure you can still change the server port using this method. I can't fully recall if changes stop this or not so...

Type. rpi-rw

Type. sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/pi-star

Where you see listen 80 default_server; change that to listen 8080 default_server;

Save the file with Ctrl-X

Reboot Pi-Star and the dashboard should now be on port 8080


Use 8080 for the 2nd port as its already allowed to pass through the firewall rules.

If you choose anyother port you'll need to update the iptables to allow the firewall to pass it.

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There shouldn't be any need to change the ssh port as you'll access the Pi's using their internal ip address from inside ur network. Unless ur thinking of opening it to the outside, which I'd reply with a -- hell no.

Andrew M1DNS.
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