New OLED idle screen...

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New OLED idle screen...

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I'm sure the OLED idle screen when screen saver and scrolling were enabled, would just scroll the MMDVM bitmap across the top of the OLED right to left?
I think this has changed with 4.1.8 and 4.2.0b where the idle screen now scrolls bottom right to top left, with extended info in the idle screen.
All useful info!

However a minor annoyance for me is, I have an OLED where the top portion of the OLED screen has yellow rather than blue LEDs so now it just looks a bit odd (see attachment).
Is it feasible for the MMDVM bit map to scroll right to left, as it did before (and in line with the active mode bitmaps when not idle), and the rest of the idle screen data to move around the rest of the lower portion of the screen, i.e. within the boundaries of the remaining defined pages/lines ?
It should be possible looking at data around the SSD1306 here: ... -tutorial/

I know there's a lot of pressing improvements going on at the moment - but it would be a nice refinement to drop in the queue?
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