RELEASE 4.2.0 - OS Upgrade to Bullseye

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RELEASE 4.2.0 - OS Upgrade to Bullseye

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05-Feb-2024 **Version 4.2.0** - Available for Download.

This release upgrades the base OS from Buster to Bullseye. Binaries / Dashboard are all the same as 4.1.x chain. There will be some of you that need (for some reason) to use the older binary set, if that happens to be the case, check out this post on the forum: viewtopic.php?t=4806

On the NanoPi / OrangePi and Odroid releases, the kernels are now updated as part of normal OS updates. Along with the "Legacy" branch should you need them, there's also now a "Testing" that is going to keep pace with the upstream releases, so now any of you can take part in the testing of new packages.

If you have a 4.2.0 Beta image installed, you can keep using it so long as it's working OK for you, the last bug that has been crushed relates to Wi-Fi on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, it would drop the Wi-Fi after a few hours, if you are seeing that, re-flash with the current release.

73 de MW0MWZ
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