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I hope this is the right place to post this.

I can't get DMR2YSF working. I have got the following settings:

- DMR Mode = ON

- DMR Master = DMR2YSF

- YSF Startup Host = YSF00001 - Parrot (I am trying to test with the parrot before moving on)
- Uppercase Host files = ON
- WireX Pass Through = ON.

The attached photo shows my Dashboard and it seems everything that should be are running. The info online about how to set the talk group are confusing. Some say it has to be 7 digits, some say it has to be prefixed with '7' etc. I have set 'YSF00001 - Parrot' on the Pi Star and tried various combinations on the radio, but I can't get a response from the parrot. So, what do I set on the Pi Star and how do I configure the Talk Group on my radio? Some sites say the YSF Talk group cannot be changed in the radio - does that mean I must use the Pi Star dashboard to change Talk Groups?

Which are the most-used YSF talk groups for World and UK?

Thanks Dave
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